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ArtInTech ERP: Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Drawing upon experience in corporate inventory management, StrategicProjectSolutions is a proud Artintech Certified Partner.  Artintech is a cloud-based solution for easy and affordable Digital Transformation.

Clients can run and scale their manufacturing, supply chain, or operations all from the same easy-to-use, feature-rich software platform, and eliminate the need for several expensive integrations.  Designed for small and medium sized organizations that require specific tools but lack budget for a large ERP but without the full cost of such solutions.  Artintech currently provides modules in five key areas, each providing specific functionality.  While it is a unified platform, these modules can run independently.  For example, Health and Safety measures may need to be tracked.  This can run as a stand-alone solution.  In other words, pick what you need and pay for only what you select.  That’s something first tier large-scale enterprise vendors cannot provide. Contact StrategicProjectSolutions today to discover a world of possibilities to move your organization towards digitization!

Artintech modules:

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