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Change Management

Change is inevitable; but is it lasting?  Transformation can be differentiated from change in a simple word: permanent.  The key question for management is: are you prepared to invest time and effort to produce permanent change?  

StrategicProjectSolutions utilizes Change Management methodology aligned to both PROSCITM (ADKAR approachTM) and the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®).  

PROSCI is a comprehensive approach.  It starts with the PROSCI Change Triangle (PCT) Model is one of the two foundational models of the PROSCI Methodology, in addition to the ADKAR Model.


Both PROSCI and ACMP approaches span the entire lifecycle of a project.  

For ACMP, the four focus areas of the Change Roadmap (Initiate Change, Plan the Change, Execute the Change, and Make it Stick) utilize key change tools to ensure a comprehensive approach has been undertaken to effectively deliver permanent change.  A structured and consistent approach ensures that all aspects of an organisations potential vulnerabilities are all addressed, as well as seizing opportunities as they arise. 

Working with senior management, StrategicProjectSolutions helps establish the objective of the Change Management activity, thereby setting the scope for the process.  All six System Factors (Vision, AccountabilityStakeholder InvolvementSkills DevelopmentMetrics, Policies & Processes, and Reinforcing Behaviours) are continually assessed, and ongoing communications continue for consistent messaging.  Formal Change Management methodologies complement Project Management activities, and often clear bottlenecks that can develop in any project.  The result is improved benefits realization and business value being achieved, while mitigating both costs and risks.